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December 10, 2018  

Ultra Runner Stacy Saunders Refused To Let Three Strikes Take Her Out_Episode 73

December 10, 2018

What you'll hear on this episode: 

I had no idea at the time, but back in 2015, at a Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon pre-race dinner, Stacy Saunders and I were in the same barn listening to an inspirational talk. The speaker, Harvey Lewis, challenged everyone to write something down they wanted to accomplish that year. I didn't write anything. But Stacy, I've since learned, wrote down that she wanted to run 100 miles.

Well, here we are, over 3 years later, and I have the pleasure to share a conversation I had with Stacy shortly after she recently achieved that 100 mile goal. It's been a journey filled with ups and downs. Her story is one that brings to life the opportunities that come not just from chasing a dream, but often from failing at it. 

I've hinted - or maybe outright stated - I'm intrigued by the prospects of running 100 miles. This conversation did nothing to discourage that thinking. I hope it will encourage you to dare greatly - and if it's the fear of failure standing in your way - that you'll stomp out that fear once and for all. 


Introduction and closing song: One Flame to Burn (Prospect 7)

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