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October 1, 2018  

My Georgia Jewel 2018 Race Recap - First Ultra, First Ultra DNF - Episode 67

October 1, 2018

Did I Accomplish What I Set Out To Do?

I set out to run my first ultra marathon. I didn't. So the answer is no. But over the years I've learned that's usually the wrong question. The right question is did I learn what God wanted me to learn, did I accomplish what HE wanted me to accomplish. 

I'll go back to what I said I was setting out to do:

"That is my journey today. To feel small. To discover that my faith is bigger than myself, it's bigger than the words I cling to in the bible. Me and those words - we are mere reflections of the larger than life God who loves me. The God who will see me through this day, and triumphantly through this race."
​Sometimes we measure triumph by our own standards - our own sense of victory. But God doesn't promise us the victory we're looking for, he promises us the victory he's pointing us toward. The Georgia Jewel reminded me our greatest victory is rooted in placing others before ourselves. I'll find victory in trusting God has a better plan for finishing what I couldn't. 

Will I go back to the Georgia Jewel and try to finish what I couldn't? I don't know. I know this. Two years ago I couldn't finish the Patrick Henry Half Marathon. Last month I ran my fastest half marathon ever at that race. This past January I couldn't finish the Houston Marathon; In response, I immediately registered to run that race again in 2019. Defeat never sits well with me. But make no mistake, even in defeat, even if I never go back to the Jewel, I am grateful for a God who saw me through the day. Oh how triumphantly he saw me through my race.

For that, I am grateful.  


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