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March 25, 2019  

Louisa High School Teacher Kate Fletcher - The 2019 Lions Pride Run For Scholarships

March 25, 2019

What you'll hear in this conversation:

Even after you've run 100 miles, a 35 mile run comes with it's own set of fears and doubts. 

Part of our human condition is doubts. And maybe that's why we run, because we love wrestling with doubt. 

Life isn't about training to be comfortable, it's about mastering our approach to life when it gets uncomfortable. 
Runners rarely win a race, they often have setbacks, yet they keep going, doing something that would be much easier to quit.

Is it possible that in a culture that is more comfortable than ever, runners are a group of people seeking discomfort, and possibly because they want the chance to wrestle with failure to see how they'll respond. 

Kate Fletcher is not a runner drawn to "racing." She talks about why it's difficult for her to find a reason to race, but relatively easy to find a reason to run. 

Whether we are running or tackling a career or a relationship, understanding "why" we do it is always the key fulfillment.

Are runners salespeople? What are we trying to sell ourselves and others through our running?

A conversation about the book Born to Run - and this idea that the secret to running is found in our capacity for loving one another. It's found in compassion. 

Maybe running gives us the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with ourselves and others we might not normally have otherwise. 

Contribute to Kate's Lion Pride Scholarship Fund 



Introduction and closing song: One Flame to Burn (Prospect 7)

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