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September 20, 2018  

Hannah Wierzbinski - From First Marathon to First Ironman (woman) In A Year - Episode 66

September 20, 2018



What you'll hear on this episode. 

Last year my lifelong friend Karen Rush (Wierzbinski) informed me her daughter Hannah had caught the running bug and was signed up for her first half marathon. Shortly after, Karen let me know Hannah had gone on a training run and ran 26 miles - and quickly changed her first half marathon to a full marathon. 

Following Hannah's journey to the Ironman Wisconsin has been inspirational. In this interview, it became clear to me how a young college student can go from signing up for a half marathon, changing to a full marathon, then tackling a full ironman in the course of a year. Hannah is goal oriented, she's clear about her priorities, willing to sacrifice to honor them, she gives tons of credit to her family for instilling good values and a work ethic in her, and she has a solid vision of her future. 

This interview with a 21 year old athlete gives me tons of hope for the future. Listen to our conversation; you'll walk away with hope yourself. And maybe some inspiration. 


Introduction and closing song: One Flame to Burn (Prospect 7)


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