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February 13, 2019  

From 390 pounds to an Ultra Marathoner in a Little Over a Year - Meet Orlando Buck_Episode 76

February 13, 2019

Meet Orlando Buck. This is a post he shared on the Trail and Ultra Running Facebook page:

Original post December 19, 208

Good day. I would like to introduce myself to the group and explain why I am here...this may be a long post, so I thank you in advance for those who read it.

My name is Orlando Buck. I have lost over 160 pounds since March of this year. The picture below shows my before pics from Feb. and March as well as some recent pics (the top right one is from a conference I was at a couple of weeks ago and the bottom right one is me up on Charlie's Bunion on the AT the beginning of Oct.). When I started this journey I weighed 390.5 pounds...I am now below 230 pounds (and 6'6" tall). I did have the gastric sleeve to help me with portion control (the amount of stomach they had to take out was much larger than most, according to my surgeon), I eat mostly vegetarian meals (I have meat products 2, maybe 3 meals per week), and began cardio workouts (walking first, now running and hiking). I started off by walking 3 miles, then slowly added jogging. My longest run so far is 20 miles (at a 10:28/mile pace) as I train for a half marathon in Feb, a marathon in April, and a 100 mile ultra (3 races, 3 days, 33.3 miles each) in May. I have also started doing some trail runs (when I am around trails!) and absolutely love them!

I am a former Marine and I love a challenge! I believe that's why I have done as well as I have working my way up from walking to running.

So, here I am...ready to work and to be challenged. I have enjoyed reading through some of the posts in here and look forward to any information or advice you might have for me. I also look forward to meeting/seeing some of ya'll out on the trails!

After reading that post I knew I needed to have a conversation with Orlando. And this is our conversation. 


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