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November 27, 2020  

Becca Jones and Jon Cox - Race Directors of the Midstate and Tennessee Miles

November 27, 2020


I recently signed up to run the Tennessee Mile. The race is run over a course affectionately - or maybe intimidatingly - called the "Murder Mile." 

When you sign yourself up for murder, it's usually wise to get a better idea of what you are up against. So I reached out to Becca Jones and Jon Cox who put this event on as well as the Midstate mile they host on the same course earlier in the year. 

I discovered what I often discover in the ultra community. I discovered two beautiful people. 

Jon talks about taking up running several years ago when he was feeling like he hadn't achieved anything notable in life. So he ran a marathon. And his running journey was born. 

Becca talks about growing up on the trails. She tells us how running helps her and others look into their souls. And how much she loves being a part of that exploration. 

I hope you enjoy our conversation. 


Check out the Mid-state mile Facebook Page here:

Check out Becca's coaching website here, where you can also register to come run your own murder mile: