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October 30, 2020  

An Interview with Whitney Richman - Setting Records on Virginia’s Capital Trail

October 30, 2020

15 years ago, Whitney Richman watched a friend finish the Chicago Marathon. She thought to herself, hey, I can do that. 

The next year she did. And the running accomplishments have piled up ever since. 

I love this conversation with Whitney. We talk about her recent fastest know time finishes on Richmond's Capital trail - both the 52 miles one way and then a couple of months later the 104 mile both ways run. 

We talk about Whitney's love for the ultra community, how they have an "it takes a village" mentality about them. 

Whitney gives us some advice on how to manage the self talk that is always trying to talk us out of becoming our best selves. Whitney shares how running can actually become our best form of therapy. 

We talk about how running impacts our ability to make quick and confident decisions - and question whether that works out for us or against us in the long run. 

Whitney previews her upcoming Rim to River 100 mile Ultra on November 7 - I'm fired up to follow her on this journey. 

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