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November 19, 2018  

An Interview with Ultra Runner and Soles 4 Souls CEO Buddy Teaster - Episode 71

November 19, 2018

What you'll hear on this episode. 

I recently had a chance to sit down with Sole for Souls CEO, Buddy Teaster. We talked a lot about ultra running, mainly Buddy's recent Grindstone 100 run, a race he ran after just 3 training runs in the year leading up to it. We talked about the Hard Rock Ultra - why Buddy loves that race enough to run a 100 mile race like the Grindstone with limited preparation, just to qualify for a lottery to get in the Hard Rock. 

But we spent most of our time talking about Buddy's true passion. Soles 4 Souls and wearing out poverty. 

I encourage you to pick up Buddy's book, Shoestrings, here: order shoestrings

I encourage you to check out the website for Soles4Souls 

Buddy Teaster talks to me about taking us from a place of mere giving to a place of believing we can truly wear out poverty. After talking to him, I'm a believer. I hope you'll listen to my conversation. I pray you'll be moved to a place of believing that as well. 


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