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July 27, 2018  

An Interview with Liz Ferro, Founder and CEO of Girls With Sole - Episode 60

July 27, 2018

What you'll hear on this episode:

In June, 2018, Liz Ferro participated in the Escape From Alcatraz triathalon. Why? In her words, "because it's known as "The Rock," and the girls we serve everyday are truly rockstars! No matter what obstacle they need to overcome, they use the tools for resilience that Girls With Sole provides."

Liz went to the Rock to show her girls that anything is possible when you embrace your inner champion! Resilience, Optimism, Courage, and Killing stereotypes are the rock-solid foundation our programs are built upon.

Last year I read Liz's book The Finish Line Feeling (order here) - it was a heartbreaking yet inspirational account of the abuse Liz faced as a young girl, and how she found strength and resiliency through running and exercise. Today her life is devoted to giving back. Giving hope and strength to girls who've walked in her shoes, girls who are one break away from living out their dreams like Liz does. 

Through Girls With Sole, Liz has become that hope. 

In this episode, listen to Liz talk about overcoming her own fears at Alcatraz, and how she hopes her experience will help her girls face their own fears. 


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