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July 18, 2018  

An Interview With Jodi Stoner - The Run To Jodi’s House Half Marathon - Episode 59

July 18, 2018

What you'll hear on this episode:


Just over a year ago, I had the chance to meet Jodi Stoner at the Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago. I was there representing Meg's Miles Supporters, the running group that honors the life of Meg Cross Menzies. Jodi was there representing the running group I Run 4. After meeting Jodi and learning more about her mission to run for a young boy named River, who has spina bifada, I interviewed her for this podcast. Then, after Jodi ran the Boston Marathon for River, I invited her back for another fascinating discussion. 

And now we're pulling our efforts together. Jodi approached me recently about donating the proceeds from her annual Run to Jodi's House Half Marathon to TwoTim47. From that, I hatched an idea to run 7 marathons in 7 days to support my friend Laura Baumgardner and her annual Run for Respect 5K. This episode will tell you how those three separate stories are going to be weaved together into one big and shared act of love and respect. 

And, for this episode, I turn the microphone over to Jodi Stoner to do the interviewing. 

I hope you'll listen in to a story that highlights just how connected we all are. When we open our hearts and our ears and listen, we'll be pointed in a direction that can turn those connections into love for one another.




To Register for the Run to Jodi's House Half Marathon

Send your name and address and $25 to:

Jodi Stoner
8800 Mill Creek Lane
Hudson, FL 34667



Introduction and closing song: One Flame to Burn (Prospect 7)


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