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January 7, 2019  

70 Year Old Gene Dykes is Still Crushing the 3 Hour Marathons - and More_Episode 75

January 7, 2019

What you'll hear on this episode: 

This is Gene Dykes' 2018 running year in review - in his own words:

My running year in review! I've had a few requests to post both an overview of my 2018 running season and a preview of 2019. This post looks back on 2018 and in a few days I'll post what I'm looking forward to in 2019.

Normally, I schedule a year ahead of time by picking the really fun adventures I want to have, and then I'll schedule competitive races into the remaining time. However, I turned 70 in 2018, so being at the top of a new age group, I decided to let competitive races take priority and limit my adventure runs. It turned out well! (I set nine US age group records, and I won 10 USATF national titles) And now, lots of boring statistics, with a little commentary thrown in:

Miles run: 2,597 (no, I wasn't tempted to go back out New Year's Eve to run 3 more miles)
Races run: 43 races in 40 weekends for a total of 725 race miles

Even though I ran more races in a year than ever before, because I ran fewer really long races, my total miles are down a bit from the 2,800 miles of the previous couple of years, and the race miles are well off the 1,300 race miles of previous years. I'll remedy that next year!

Breakdown of races by type and distance:

5K: 3
8K: 1
5 Mile: 4
10K: 2
15K: 1
10 Mile: 2
Half Marathon: 3
Marathon: 7

10K: 3
15K: 1
Half Marathon: 1
50K: 1
50 mile: 2
70 mile: 1
100 mile: 1
6 hours: 1

Indoor Track:
3K: 1

Outdoor Track:
800 meters: 1
1500 meters: 1
2K Steeplechase: 1
5K: 1
10K: 1
12 Hours: 1

Cross Country:
5K: 2

I set 11 new PR's in 2018, so I'm still getting faster at age 70 and after 12 years of racing. Can I possibly improve again in 2019?

What a powerful year for Gene. I hope you enjoy this conversation as Gene dives into how he keeps doing it, year after year, faster and faster. 


Introduction and closing song: One Flame to Burn (Prospect 7)

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